It’s been to long :(


I’m finally back. I’m so disappointed at myself for being away far to long. So much has happened to me and my family since my last post I had no time to do anything for myself or anyone.
But I’m back again and it’s been one of my goals for 2015 is to keep up with you out there that follow my page and have still kept up with me.
So I thank all of you who have stayed with me so much I really appreciate it very much.

Let’s start this off,
Any topics or things you want to talk about or discuss I am all ears and open to anything comment down below and I will respond to a certain topic and I’ll posted it up on my next post.

Thank you again for staying with me.
Much love and respect.

Mini Vacay

Just came back from a mini Vacay with my little family. We went down to go visit my sister in Huntsville,  Tx. That’s where she is attend school at Sam Houston State University.
She is doing wonderful and I am so proud of her accomplishments that she has so far. Just wished my other littler sister could of joined us but she had school activities she had to attend.
But the trip was amazing we attend to our first college football game and I loved it and I know my son and husband did as well. My son loved it so much he decided to take a nap during half time.
But this trip also taught me allot about my husband and the reasons why he stayed away from his 2nd hometown and I learned that you can’t hide away from your past and don’t be ashamed of what you went through as you were learning and experiencing. Right or wrong things happen for a reason.
But over all I’m so looking forward to our next family adventure.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post I do appreciate it very much.

Love & Respect

Woa! I Do Apologize.

I am very sorry my fellow followers and readers. I have not been on top of my blog. I am very sorry and I am ashame of myself.

Allot of changes happened and some are good and very little bad but I will be back on top of my blog and get it poppin lol.

But I do thank you for still sticking around well that’s if you are still with me.

Thank you again
Much love and respect!

1 Year.


I have been blogging for a year with wordpress and I have really enjoyed it very much. I know I don’t post as much as all of you do and I hope I haven’t let none of my followers and readers down. For the beginning of this year I will be working harder to have more post every other day.

I do look forward from hearing from all of you on any kind of topics or just rant about anything. I would like to have yall interact more and make this something awesome.

So what do you all say? comment below and let me know what you think and we can start this new year off great!!


Thank you all once again for sticking my me and being patient. This year should be allot better and more fun.

Much Love & Respect

The Steuggles

I’m sure all of you have struggle to get where you are in life. Well I guess it’s that time of year that we have our struggles and man they are killing us. If it’s not one thing it’s another I mean sometimes it’s so hard to stay positive in times like this especially when you husband says “I Give Up” I mean come on now you don’t say that at all. Because it brings me down when I’m the one that has so much faith and hope that we can get through this together.

Has your spouse ever done that to you when you are the one being positive through all the struggles? If so what some good advice to help me through my struggles with my husband?

Thank you so much for hanging in there with me I know I have been slacking. Also thank you for taking the time reading my posts I really do appreciate it.

Much Love & Respect!

Why Did I Worry?

Sometimes I just want to smack myself for all the things that run through my head. I mean why worry about it?
If it was meant to happen it happen for a reason. And that reason is God knows I am ready for it and I should be worry free. But worrying and stressing gets the best of us that we don’t realize that we are blessed with so many things and we just take it for granted.
So yes I did take a test today and I’m not pregnant. It’s not our time to have baby number 2 just yet but when we are ready we will be waiting for Gods blessing for us. So for now I’m gonna work on my happiness and health.
Finally the gym has open and I started going it will be a week on Saturday since I started. And when I go I feel a bit of the old me coming back and it feels great.
My husbands sees it and I’m feeling it to. Apart of me is coming back and I want to be that person again. Work, money, bills, and everything took over and brought out a not so happy person. Don’t get it wrong I’m happy with my marriage and family but it’s me that is not happy with myself. Because of all the things it let take over my life.
Have any of you felt this way before or going through it?

But my happiness is coming slowly but it’s coming and I’m so happy.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts! If you have any specific topics you want to talk about or just anything go ahead and send me a message at or you can find me on twitter: margiegirl87.
Thank you again!

Much Love & Respect!


I guess you can say I have been off beat for awhile now and I didn’t really notice it until now.
Man I’m a nervous wreck and I’m worried why you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. See I have really been off my track I guess you can say a week or more and mother nature hasn’t stopped by yet and now I’m going on for 3 weeks with no visit. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy that I don’t have a visit which means no bloating or cramping. But what if I’m PREGNANT???
Now that’s the question and what I’m worried about. Now I know what you may be thinking but the thing is am I ready for baby number 2? Is my husband ready? Can we both handle it? What about our son is he ready to share us and his toys? All of these questions have been popping here and there everywhere?
Yes I do believe we can handle it all and I know we can but why am I so worried is it normal? I don’t know. I do want another baby and if this is the time for baby 2 then I am ready.
What I don’t want to do is get my hope all up and I take a test and BAM negative. And I’m all in the dump and sad because of all of this that is going on in my head. I guess the only way I will find out and end all of this madness in my head is when I take the test.

Thank you again for taking the time and reading my post. I know I haven’t been on top of it. But I will soon I have so much that is going on and I want to share it all with you. So thank you again for being patient.

Much Love & Respect!

I’m Here For You!

Well its been awhile..

Allot has happened since my last post and from that day it was nothing but HELL!!

Finally my husband came clean to me about certain things. I was beyond pissed, had so much anger I didn’t know what to do I just wanted to explode and run away. While I was feeling all of these mixed emotions I was looking at my husband I mean looking at him and I see he needed me more then ever. I can honesty say I never seen that look ever in our life that we have been together. This time it was for real no games he needed some real help.

I expressed my emotions to him calmly instead of blowing up like I should of but that would make him for more little then he already does. After letting him know how I felt and what he has done to our family is unexplainable that I don’t understand WHY???

So I put my foot down he saw a side of me that he has never seen. And I haven’t never seen it before either but im not letting anything or anyone break my family apart I have work my ass off for what I want in my life and to let something or someone tear it up in one day I don’t think so. I WILL NOT BACK DOWN!!!

Yes right now I have my in-laws hating me and honestly I don’t care my family is more important then them. They well really she is the reason this all happen. Well I cant just blame her it was also my husbands fault as well but for her to let it happen in the first place come on. You are not back in your old days and your son is not that person no more!!

The sad thing through all of this crap is that they didn’t think I would find our or know what the hell was going on  they played me for a fool well they both had a rude awaking and didn’t like it much but I don’t care no more.

But now that we me and my husband are working his problem things have gotten allot better and he is getting the help he needs from his family (me and his son) I see great things happening to him as an individual, husband, and a father.


Well that’s a little of what was going on and had this on hold but now it seems better and opening up a new chapter in our book.


Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.  Yes I know they are far apart but I will be posting don’t give up on!!

Love & Respect

Much Love