Does take over your life?

Well apparently its about to do that with me. And I wont let that happen my life is way more important then my job.

Being in the medical field does take over your life: you are always on call and you are rarely off on the holidays. Yes I know, im the one who chose this medical friend but that was years ago when I was just independent and starting my life. Now I am married and have a family I need something that I will be more home with my family then away from them. On top of that I work nights.

I feel like I am losing my closeness from my family and I don’t need to lose that.

Do you working moms out there feel this way or did at one point?

How did you and your spouse handle it? My husband is starting to get affected by it and has been telling me he is missing me at night.

If you have any advice please comment below and I will gladly appreciate it.


Thank you for taking the time to read my posts I know I haven’t been on top of it but as soon as my work slows down ill be on it.

Much Love&Respect!

Late Night Post

Just here laying in bed when I should be asleep lol but I as I was trying to fall asleep I thought to myself and I am completely blessed. I am married to my best friend I have been blessed to have him in my life. We be together 4 years in November lived with each other for 3 and will be married for 2 years in June and all of that lead to our son that is a year old.
Yes we have allot of ups and of course downs and all of that mad our relationship stronger knowing that we didn’t just give up on each other and we worked our differences out as it’s suppose to be done and don’t get me wrong it was hard to get a point across to my husband. But he had his tough time to get his points across to me at times lol.
I guess the only reason I brought this up is cause I have some friends and people tell me “I want a marriage like yours” I’m asking why and their reply is “y’all are always so happy and loving and don’t look like y’all have problems”
It’s not like that my marriage is not perfect. We just don’t show our problems or tell people what’s going on because it’s no ones business I fell if you tell them they try to put their input and no one needs that. Your marriage is how both of you make it. It’s not gonna automatically be a fairy tale you have to work at it to make it your fairy tale and not let no one mess it up for you.

Enjoy each other’s company, love one another unconditionally, communicate, and have fun with each other. Trust me it gets allot better from there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. It means the world to me!

Much Love & Respect!!

I Do Apologize

Im sorry my friends I haven’t posted in a awhile. Work has really taken over me and of my house I have been a slouch and so lazy. I have had many topics to talk about but I seem to not write it down.

Please hang in there and I will have new posts coming in soon.

Is there anything you want to ask or talk about send me an email to or you can find me on twitter:margiegirl87

Thank you again!

Much Love & Respect!


Have you ever forgot what you were gonna do or need?
I’m sure some of us yes and allot of us hell yea! Lol
The other day I had a wonderful topic to write about on here and silly me I forgot about it and I can’t remember it at all and it’s bugging the crap out of me.
But of course there are other things I forget as well and I don’t like it one bit.
Well I just thought I would rant a bit
Have a wonderful hump day!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts it means allot to me and I appreciate it.
Much Love & Respect!

Keeping That Spark Going

So the other night I was talking to my supervisor about what she was planning to do on her night off and what were her and her mans plans are.

Ok I’m not judging if you consider this as judging but what she told me I didn’t see her as that type of person to do those things for her man.

But anyways what she had plan was when she got off of work that morning which was yesterday she was lighting up candles to have the whole house smelling good then when he arrived from work he would walked into the nice smell of candles and have bought breakfast for them to eat.

Ok they slept and she would have let him sleep a little longer and she would have started to prep the food for dinner or supper whatever you call it so when they come back from spending the day together basically the food would be ready which she cooked steak and shrimp and I
whatever else.

While he was playing games on his ps3 she would have their bathroom lit up in candles, having a nice bubble bath going for both of them, and rose pedals everywhere with a bottle of wine ready for them so they can wine down together and well you know where it went from there. A very nice happy ending.

So when she told me this I was like “what!? Quit lying” “I thought they only did that in movies.” Then she tells me “Yes girl I sure do it all for my man. You got to keep that spark up if not he is gonna be looking for it somewhere else. You can’t be predictable and be the same ol you got to spice it up.”

So that got me thinking like well hell I should do the same for my man not because I think he is gonna leave me but because he deserves it. I mean he works hard to provide for his family so my husband deserves something at least once a month to let him know “yea baby all for you. You are the best!”

So all you ladies out there that are married what do yall do to keep that flame going or those sparks flying?
I would like to know and we can discuss it. This could be very interesting. I just had to let yall know about this and wanted to know what do you ladies do.

Thank you for taking the time reading my post. It really means allot to me and I appreciate it very much.

Much Love & Respect!

Happy Valentines Day

Yes I am a day late. I’m sorry :)
But i hope everyones valentines was wonderful and recieved allot of goodies. My day was wonderful of course going home at 6am seeing my son running to me with open arms and a kiss waiting to happen is the best V-day gift ever and of course seeing my husband at the door waiting for me to give a huge bear hug and a sloppy kiss and a smack on the ass is priceless i wouldnt trade for anything in the world.
The thing i didnt like about yesterday was i was so tired and all i wanted to do is sleep because work kicked my butt last night. And not being able to function very well and play with my son hurt me so much because all he wanted is my attention and love but i couldnt do it i was beat down to the max. So this time i will not let my son down again.
But other then that my V-day was a blessing. I may not get jewlery or teddy bears or whatever all these other females get all i want is my kings by my side enjoying the day with me and thats all i need and always will need.
But i hope yalls day went well and wonderful and spent it with the one you love or the people that love you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post it really means allot to me.

Much Love & Respect.

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